Essential Festival

Sun's shining, and so are you! 26° incoming, so read our extra measures below!

• We have added two shelter tents at El Toro and Los Muertos so you can get some shadow;

• We added cooling systems in La Piña, the Someone Told Me big-top tent and the sides of the tent will be removed;

KWF Kankerbestrijding / Dutch Cancer Society is attending the event with its sunscreen service;

• Sunscreen is allowed when brought in a tube up to 100 ml;

• Deodorant is only allowed as a roller up to 100 ml;

• Empty water pistols are allowed up to 20 cm. They can be filled on the terrain (beware, this is no drinking water);

• Empty water bags are also allowed up to 0,5L. They can be filled at a WML waterstation (plastic cups are also available). The station is open when the heat protocol is activated;

• We advise to bring caps and fans which also can be bought at the merchandise stands, umbrellas are not allowed.

Last 450 tickets available!🎉 

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