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Essential 2019 Location & Date

BIG NEWS! Essential Festival is moving to Recreatiepark Oost-Maarland and returning on June 15! Are you ready for an amazing adventure in the woods, at the fields and near the water?!

The biggest artists from the pop, dance and urban scene will land at the idyllic new location of Oost-Maarland on June 15th. The fields, woods and gigantic lake will be part of the experience. Essential is expecting around 15.000 visitors for 2019 and its holiday-experience. The most important factor and reason for the new location is the visitor experience and customer journey. The underground techno stage will find its place in the woods, the mainstage will be on the fields and at the waterside you can relax, sit back and enjoy the sun.

More info: soon
Information about the concept, hosting partners, line-up and package/ticket sales will follow soon.

Essential people, we have some big news! The Amsterdam based organization 4PM Entertainment, market leader of youth events in the Netherlands and founder of Kingsland Festival, the biggest one day dance-festival of the Netherlands, collaborates with Essential for the future organization of Essential Festival.

Weekend holiday experience
A 20.000 people weekend holiday experience with genres pop, edm, hardstyle, urban and techno is near! The organization wants to grow to a weekend holiday experience and visitor amount of 20.000 people per day in 2021.

Big names, big plans: 2019
This 2019 the concept shall be renewed completely, from genres and artists to stages and decorations. The line-up of 2019 shall be gigantic. Artists of the highest level are being contracted, as we speak.

More info: soon
Information about the location, date, line-up and ticket sales will follow soon.

Essential is voor 2019 (minimaal 6 maanden) opzoek naar (meewerk)stagiaires met affiniteit voor marketing en facility (minimaal HBO niveau)!

Bekijk hieronder de vacatures voor Product & Facility Development Stagiair(e) en Creative Content & Campaigns Stagiar(e). Geschikt voor bijvoorbeeld Facility Management, People Business Management, Commercieel Management studenten of studenten met soortgelijke opleidingen.

Stuur je CV en motivatiebrief naar:

Compile your Wishlist of artists and share your opinion, right here!

The Official 2018 Aftermovie!

Experience the spectacle where color, fun and entertainment became one!

First of all: THANKYOU Essential Fam for dancing under the sun with your Essential Friends! This was a crazy party!

Lost & Found
All lost & found items will be delivered to the muncipality of Heerlen next thing Monday morning. Please contact them using this form.

Forgot to open your locker? Forgot something in the locker? No worries, this happens to the best Essential Friends among us. Please contact our locker partner using this form.

Please give our media teams some time to edit all of those crazy pictures we took and keep an eye out on our socials!

Other questions?
Send us a PM on Facebook or use the contact form and we'll try to get back to your as soon as we cleared out the festival terrain.

Mucho amor!♥

Yesss even more craziness! Follow us LIVE during Essential Festival 2018 at our Instagram Story! Follow at @essentialfestival or

At 13:00 the gates of "La Fiesta Loca" will finally open! The last Regular Tickets are for sale till 13:00 (July 7th)! Just €29,99! Hurry and go to the ticketshop! After this €39,99 online and at the register. Late Bird & Door Tickets are for sale till 21:00 (July 7th) and the gates are open till 22:00!

1. Essential Passport!
After you enter the venue you can get your passport in front of the "Loca Tree", the passport contains all essential info like the timetable and floorplan.

2. Search and find!
Search the secret area, win the water pistol fight, work-out in the Anytime Fitness area, visit Climax's Hair Salon or take part in workshops Djembé Drum & Core Dance!

3. Discover the food line-up!
Bufkes, fries, snacks, gyros, (ice)coffee, crepes, Raket, Calippo, nachos, sweets and fruit & smoothies!

4. Give a visit to our two vloggers!
Visit Tisjeboy Jay at the fitness area between 15:00 and 17:00 and beat him in a Skippy Ball Race, after that he will perform at Someone Told Me's La Piña stage with Fenomeno at 19:00. If you ever wanted to taste wines with Peter Nauts, this is your chance. Visit Peter at La Cocteleria between 15:15 and 17:30.

5. Rest your ears!
Please take good care of your ears, you only have one pair. SIt back and relax regularly at one of our chill spots. You can also get earplugs at our merchandise stands!

6. Essential Merchandise
Remember those great moments you had at Essential with a brand new Essential flag, brand new Essential Snapback Cap, Essential Iphone Cover, Essential T-Shirt / Tanktop, Essential Fan or one of the other items! Get it at the merchandise stands!

7. The first aid is your friend!
If you are not feeling well, if one of your friends is nosies or even if you just need a paracetamol or a band-aid: please don't be afraid and just go to the first aid tent! The people there are professionals and what you tell them is confidential you won't get fined or prosecuted for drug use. Being open about your or your friends drug use makes it easier to help you: they are basically your best friends at an event. Never leave anyone who's feeling sick alone: ask for help and stay with them until medical help arrives. Not at an event? Call 112. Celebrate safe!

8. Smoking...
Smoking is not allowed in the big-top tent La Piña by Someone Told Me (the big-top tent with 8 masts), if you do however smoke you will get fined, this can get as high as a fine of €4800,-. No joke, undercover officers will be checking this. Smoking in here will also result in removement from the event. At this moment Essential Outdoor is over for you.

9. Are you in the age of 16 or 17 years?
We want to remind you that it is not allowed in the Netherlands to drink alcohol when you’re in the age of 16/17. We also warn you for the fact that there’ll be (undercover) inspections executed by the government. When consuming alcohol while in the age of 16/17 you risk a huge penalty (€90,-) of which you could’ve done a lot of cool stuff! You will also be redirected to bureau Halt. On top of that: consuming alcohol is extra bad for you since your brains and other organs are still in development.

10. Drugs...
At this event there’s a zero tolerance policy. It is not allowed to use (or have) soft- and/or harddrugs (no joints either). Please pay attention: strict search at the entrance for drugs and other forbidden items. If you do however are in the possession of drugs our security is forced to hand you over to the local police. The event has come to an end for you at this point.

In addition to these tips we also have some extra weather measures, which can be found here. All travel related questions will be answered here.

Ticket Sale Records Broken!

Essential Outdoor which has been organized since 2012 is back this weekend and will have 10 area's on which 100 artists shall perform. The dance festival is counting on a record-number of 10.000 enthusiastic visitors and has a line-up of national and international talent. In relation to the weather extra measures have been taken and water pistols are more than welcome, up to a size of 20 cm.

The variation of performers is very diverse: from aprés ski/carnival to techno, from euphoric hardstyle to raw hardcore, from deep house to bigroom/edm, from claisscal to energetic hip-hop/r&b. DJ's live-acts, vloggers, rising and known stars.

The full line-up is to be found here. Search the secret area, win the water pistol fight, work-out in the fitness area, dance, laugh, enjoy and above all: party! And oh, the minimum age is 16 years.

Sun's shining, and so are you! 26° incoming, so read our extra measures below!

• We have added two shelter tents at El Toro and Los Muertos so you can get some shadow;

• We added cooling systems in La Piña, the Someone Told Me big-top tent and the sides of the tent will be removed;

KWF Kankerbestrijding / Dutch Cancer Society is attending the event with its sunscreen service;

• Sunscreen is allowed when brought in a tube up to 100 ml;

• Deodorant is only allowed as a roller up to 100 ml;

• Empty water pistols are allowed up to 20 cm. They can be filled on the terrain (beware, this is no drinking water);

• Empty water bags are also allowed up to 0,5L. They can be filled at a WML waterstation (plastic cups are also available). The station is open when the heat protocol is activated;

• We advise to bring caps and fans which also can be bought at the merchandise stands, umbrellas are not allowed.

Last 450 tickets available!🎉 

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