Essential Festival

Zero Tolerance / NIX18

  • 1. Are you in the age of 16 or 17 jaar? NIX18
    We want to remind you that it is not allowed in the Netherlands to drink alcohol when you’re in the age of 16/17. We also warn you for the fact that there’ll be (undercover) inspections executed by the government. When consuming alcohol while in the age of 16/17 you risk a huge penalty (€90,-) of which you could’ve done a lot of cool stuff! On top of that: consuming alcohol is extra bad for you since your brains and other organs are still in development.
  • 2. Zero Tolerance
    At this event there’s a zero tolerance policy. It is not allowed to use (or have) soft- and/or harddrugs (no joints either).

    Please pay attention: strict search at the entrance for drugs and other forbidden items. If you do however are in the possession of drugs our security is forced to hand you over to the local police. The event has come to an end for you at this point.
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