Essential Festival


Once you have left the venue it is not possible anymore to re-enter the venue. IN=IN and OUT=OUT. Visitors need to buy a new ticket in order to re-enter the venue.

In the even that the maximum amount of visitors has been reached the organization has retained the right to deny access.

It is mandatory for visitors to show a legal form of identification at the entrance. Without a legal form of identification entrance cannot be guaranteed. Legal forms of identification are a passport, ID-card or a drivers license. A copy or a picture of your identification shall not be accepted. In the event that a person clearly is older than the minimum age it is possible for the security to make an exception and grant access to the event.

Only low-alcohol beverages such as beer, wine and various pre- mixed drinks will be served. In the event that the organization receives a fine because of a person violating the the law on alcohol, the organization has retained the right to charge the fine to the person violating the law. The organization will take all precautions possible to prevent alcohol abuse and will do everything possible, within reason, to make sure the law on alcohol is respected.

The organization will do everything possible, within reason, to make sure that the law on smoking is respected. Depending on the type of venue it is allowed to smoke. If the venue is an indoor location it is only allowed to smoke in the so called smoking area.

It is forbidden to bring drinks, glass, plastic bottles, cans, drugs, fireworks, guns, dangerous objects or professional camera equipment to the event (camera's with a switchable lens for example).

It is not allowed to bring animals.

All visitors will be searched at the entrance gates. By entering the venue you automatically agree that you will be searched. If you don't want to be searched you will be removed from the venue or will be denied access to the event (without a refund).

While under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs it is possible that you will be denied access to the event.

Tickets or coins are non-refundable and are only valid during set date of the event.

Tickets bought at official sales points are valid. All tickets will be scanned and validated. If a ticket already has been scanned or a ticket is not real the entrance will be denied.

The security is there to make sure the event and you are safe. You are required to follow up on their instructions at all times.

If you are not feeling well, if one of your friends is nosies or even if you just need a paracetamol or a band-aid: please don't be afraid and just go to the first aid tent! The people there are professionals and what you tell them is confidential you won't get fined or prosecuted for drug use. Being open about your or your friends drug use makes it easier to help you: they are basically your best friends at an event. Never leave anyone who's feeling sick alone: ask for help and stay with them until medical help arrives. Not at an event? Call 112. Celebrate safe!

During the event there will be taken pictures and live-footage of the event. While entering the event you automatically authorize the organization to reproduce these recordings, disclose and / or use it for promotional purposes.

Violent behavior, aggression, discrimination, provocation and unwanted intimacy will not be tolerated. If this is the case you will be removed from the event and in some cases you will be handed over to the police.

People who throw with drinks (beer) will be removed from the event.

It is forbidden for people to urinate at or around the venue (unless you are using a toilet) and will result into being removed from the event.

Artists are also people and can get sick or can be delayed causing them to late for their show at the event. This means that the line-up may change in some events. The organization retains the right to change the line-up. In the event that an artist cancels the show it is not possible to get a refund.

The organization will take all precautions possible, within reason, to make sure the event can continue under bad weather. In the event of bad weather (forecasts) it is possible that artists and their set times have to adapt to the circumstances (in the case of an outdoor event). In a worst case scenario it is possible that the event will be cancelled. The ticket price is non refundable. An alternative solution will be presented. The organization retains the right to take safety precautions and cancel the event.

The organization, possible parnters, people working at the event cannot be held responsible for injury and / or property damage, which visitors may encounter, either within or outside the event area. Entering the event is at your own risk.

Visitors causing damage will be held responsible. This includes damage to equipment caused by throwing drinks.

It is not allowed to spread folders/stickers or other promotional items at or in the area of the event without the approval of the organization. Possible caused damage and/or cleaning costs will be charged to the organization responsible. Please contact us in an early stage to set up a campaign together.

Sound systems, other than those of the organization sel, are not allowed on or around the event terrain.

Sound systems may cause earache. The organization cannot be held responsible in any way for possible earache/damage.

It is not allowed to keep you jacket(s) on at an indoor event.

Using a locker is at our own risk. The organization cannot be held responsible for loss or theft of any items whatsoever.

If circumstances arise where these rules seem to be inconclusive then the judgment of the organization is leading. In this case reasonableness and fairness will be taken into account.

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