Essential Festival

Drug Policy

There are some things you need to know to keep you out of trouble: at Essential Festival there's a zero tolerance policy against drugs. It is not allowed to use (or have) soft- and/or harddrugs (no joints either). Please pay attention: you'll be searched by security at the entrance for drugs and other forbidden items. If you found to be carrying drugs our security is forced to hand you over to the local police. Essential Festival 2016 has come to an end at this point.

The drugs in the Netherlands can be a lot more potent than the drugs in your own country make sure to keep this in mind. Buying drugs on the street is about the biggest tourist trap, whatever you do: don't buy it! The stuff you get offerred can contain anything from vitamine C or washing powder to very dangerous substances.

If you are not feeling well, if one of your friends is nosies or even if you just need a paracetamol or a band-aid: please don't be afraid and just go to the first aid tent! The people there are professionals and what you tell them is confidential you won't get fined or prosecuted for drug use. Being open about your or your friends drug use makes it easier to help you: they are basically your best friends at an event. Never leave anyone who's feeling sick alone: ask for help and stay with them until medical help arrives. Not at an event? Call 112. Celebrate safe!

Please watch this video by Jellinek to get more info.

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