Essential Festival

09 December 2017 | MECC Maastricht

1. Essential Passport!

After the entrance, right before the "Tree of Unity", you'll get your passport to the Jungle! The passport has all the essential info inside like the timetable and floorplan!

2. Bootcamp & Relax!

Pave your way through the Antyime Fitness Bootcamp Area, Bowlo's bowling track, Climax's Hair Salon and the workshops Djembé Drum & Core Dance!

3. Discover the food line-up!

Bufkes, fries, snacks, gyros, (ice)coffee, crepes, Raket, Calippo, Magnum, Nachos, sweets and fruit & smoothies!

4. Be amazed by the creative lineup!

Admire Sambaband Animoso, the snakechamer, the magical firepox, the pearls of the jungle, the welcome guru's, the jungle dancers and davul & zurna!

5. Rest your ears!

Find some relaxed spots from time to time and rest your ears, you've only got one pair! You can also get earplugs at one of the merchandise stands!

6. Essential Merchandise

Remember those great moments with an Essential flag, Essential Snapback Cap, Essential Iphone Cover, Essential T-Shirt / Tanktop, Essential fan or one of the other items! Get your Essential Merchandise at one of the merchandise stands!

7. The First Aid (EHBO) is your friend!

Do you, or one of your friends don't feel good? Don't hesitate: visit the First Aid. Always be open and honest about what you may have used, so the First Aid personnel can help you in the right way. For that reason you should always tell your friends what you've used. If you've consumed drugs and tell this to the Frist Aid personnel this won't have any legal consequences. Not for you, and not for the one(s) who've brought you to the First Aid.

8. Smoking...

Smoking is not allowed in "The Dirty Primal" (the 8 masts big-top tent), very high fines are the result of smoking. If you do smoke in this tent you will be removed from the event. In this case Essential Festival is over for you.

9. Are you in the age of 16 or 17 years?

We sincerely want to remind you that it is not allowed to consume alcohol in the Netherlands while being in the age of 16/17. We warn you for the fact that there'll be (undercover) checks by the council. You'll risk getting fined (€90,-). And drinking alcohol is extra bad for you since your brains and organs are evolving.

10. Drugs...

At Essential Festival there's a Zero Tolerance Policy. During this edition there'll be tightened controls and when being in the posession of drugs you'll be handed over to the police. Essential Festival will be over for you.