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The Full Line-Up & Activities!

Check out the Full Line-Up & Activities! Which of the 10 areas, 100 artists, vloggers & creatives will you check out?! La Fiesta Locaaa on July 7th!

1. El Toro
Jay Hardway / Julian Jordan / Mike Williams / TONY JUNIOR / Justin Mylo / La Fuente / Morello Twins / Trobi / De Hofnar / Justin Time b2b ThoTh

2. Los Muertos | W/ Inferno
Brennan Heart / Noisecontrollers / Ran-D vs. Dj Adaro / Partyraiser / Code Black / Sub Zero Project / Phuture Noize / Rebelion / Physika / Peckman / Month2 / Mc Syco

3.La Piña | Hosted by: Someone Told Me
Sevn Alias / Jonna Fraser / SBMG / Mr. Polska / Hef / FamkeLouise / Someone Told Me Soundsystem / Fenomeno / Gil-T / Lovado / Remco Gaiteros / Jonna Alvarez / El Don / Zeff

4. Loco Sombrero | W/ Knaltibal | Hosted by: Desperados
Gather at 16:00 for the water pistol fight! Become Prince Poncho and rule over the Loco Sombrero! Jebroer / Mental Theo / The Darkraver / Big Benny / LOS! / SZEUKERS [Jacky Baggen] / Fenomeno / DJ Marvin / Dj Michel / Pietr & Peetr / Mad Stan / Rossi!

5. El Jardín Secreto | Hosted by: Timeless
Adventurous paths lead to exciting discoveries... Will you find the secret area?! Mainecoon / KOCH / Interstellar / Revelton One / Falsch / Justin Time / ThoTh!

6. Caótico | The Hardcore Container
Non stop! 100% All Day, All Night! The Caotic Hardcore Container is here! Dance your feet off!

7. Más Fuerte | Anytime Fitness Area
Workout at the fitness area and win the competition! And join the skippyball race with Tisjeboy Jay!

8. Baile Tribal | Drum & Dance Area
Become a master of the drums & belly dance!

9. La Cócteleria | Cocktails & Chill Area
Enjoy a good cocktail at the hammock! And oh, between 15:15 & 17:30 it's time for vino with the girls and Peter Nauts!

10. Tapas Y Más | Foodtrucks & Carnival Area
Become the champion of Bull Riding (rodeo)! Enjoy the tapas and carnival! Bufkes / Climax Hair Parkstad / Holy Crêpe / Little Churros / OLA Ice Cream / Rudy's Nacho's / The Candy Car / Zwamburg

Dance all day in a rain of confetti, stage dive on an inflatable boat or... Dance, sing, scream, flirt, eat, take a bath in the sun and most of all: PARTY!❤️

All 5.000 Early Bird Tickets are sold out! We cannot wait to see you this summer July 7th! The Loca Bird Ticket phase has started! Just €26,99 (after this €29,99)! Limited available and until May 31st 23:59 at the latest!

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Join us this summer July 7th!

The Full Line-up

Holaaa amigos! With much excitement we present the Full Line-up, watch till the end and check the full line-up here!🌞💃🎉

Exciting Discoveries at Ten Areas
Ten areas created with one primary function only; to maximize fun and entertainment at its best. Existing out of six musical areas and four existing out of leisure and relaxing elements. El Toro, Los Muertos, La Piña, Loco Sombrero, El Jardín Secreto, Caótico, Más Fuerte, Baile TribalLa Cócteleria, Tapas Y Más.

Adventurous paths lead to exciting discoveries...

And Above All: PARTY
Will you find the secret area, win the Mexican Skippyball race, become Prince Poncho and rule over the Loco Sombrero, dance your feet off at 
Caótico, win the water pistol fight at 16:00, become master of the drums, win the inflatable animal fight‍, enjoy a good cocktail at the hammock, become champ at rodeo, enjoy the tapas and carnival, workout at the fitness area, dance all day in a rain of confetti, stage dive on an inflatable boat or...

Dance, sing, scream, flirt, eat, take a bath in the sun and most of all: PARTY!

The Genres, Artists, Creatives & Vloggers
On many different podia Essential has a diverse line-up of national and international talent. Happy aprés ski/carnival to deep techno, magical euphoric hardstyle to raw hardcore, sunny deep house tunes to bangers of bigroom/edm, classic to energetic hip-hop/r&b. DJ's, live-acts, vloggers, rising and established stars. All is here to serve the primary function of entertainment and fun.

Enjoy the surprise in each of our happy moments.

The Line-Up
We cannot wait to present the line-up and therefore we will release the complete line-up on Monday April 2nd 2018!

Official Ticketsale
The Official Early Bird Ticket Sale starts: April 17th at 19:00 via There are just a small amount of Early Bird Tickets for sale. Make sure to join our great family of fun and entertainment!

1 day - 10 areas - 100 artists and creatives - 10.000 party people.

Essential Outdoor 7-07-2018, La Fiesta Loca at Coriopolis Heerlen (the Netherlands).

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