Essential Festival
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"Masters of the Mashup"

Five musicians take the audience on a rollercoaster ride by ingeniously cutting, copying, and pasting unexpected combinations of killer tracks from very different genres into highly explosive (s)mashups.
- Chemical Brothers vs the Kinks vs S-Express
- Swedish House Maffia vs Madcon vs Guns 'n Roses
- House of Pain vs Jimi Hendrix vs Kosheen
and much, much more..
Memphis Maniacs is conceptually often compared with 2manydjs but their show offers the overwhelming performance of an insane live band that does so much more than mixing lyrics and music.
Musical boundaries will be brutally defied.
No tapes, no backing tracks, no sequencers.
Expect a massive party with rock&roll attitude and a dancefloor that makes you gasp for breath!

Memphis Maniacs
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